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Some Houses' factions push to realize Tapanuli province
Protap committee does fulfill PP No.129/2000, but not the revised PP No.78/2007


MEDAN, N SUMATERA - Some regional House of Representatives' (DPRD) factions, namely the Indonesia Democratic party for Struggle (PDIP), then Prosperous Peace party (PDS), then National People's Concern Party (PPRN), and the People Conscience (Hanura) party, urge to accomplish the result of special committee for the proposed new province of Tapanuli. The insistence conveyed as plenary meeting held in the DPRD building in Medan, North Sumatera.

The four factions argues that the special committe's result has meet legal qualification, in which it is quite similar with Langkat administrative status extention to be regent.

"If DPRD pass over this issue, possibly causing friction amid public. Thus, we expect the House leaders to give objective evaluation," the spokesman of PPRN faction speaker Oloan Simbolon.

Hanura faction spokesman Suasana Dachi, even, interrupted the meeting to demand so that Tapanuli province formation matter be discussed in the plenary meeting.

However, the legislator of Prosperous Justice party (PKS) Timbas Tarigan opposed the idea for the reason Langkat regent formation and Tapanuli province proposal (popularly known as Protap) are greatly different.

According to Tarigan, Protap committee does fulfill the requirement imposed by government regulation PP No.129/2000 on the formation and merging of autonomous regions, but yet to meet the revised PP No.78/2007.

"So, it's not true that DPRD pretend not to learn about this issue. Besides, this proposal delay caused by late regional House speaker Abdul Aziz Angkat murder," he said referring to the Feb. 3, 2009 rally, involving supporters of a petition to form a Tapanuli province, led to the death of North Sumatra legislative Speaker Abdul Aziz Angkat after he was mobbed by the crowd.

On the occassion, the regional House deputy speaker Sigit Pramono Asri answered that Protap proposal could not be discussed further over number of problems yet to be accomplished, besides many protest the formation of Tapanuli as a new province. "This (issue) still needs more time. We plan to talk about it again, however," Sigit told.

Translated by: Ananta Politan Bangun


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