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Govt sets up team to temporarily manage Surabaya zoo

JAKARTA - The government has set up a team to temporarily manage Surabaya Zoo, following a decision to revoke the zoo's operation license.

Forestry Minister Zulkifli Hasan on Friday (Aug.20) revoked the operation license of Surabaya Zoo for failing to meet conservation management standards.

The decision to revoke the license was taken after the ministry had closely monitored the zoo management's performance since 2008, the minister said here Friday.

The team comprises personnel of the forestry ministry and the East Java Governor's office.     

"The team  has to report to the forestry ministry's director general of forest and natural resource preservation on the zoo management every three months," the minister said.

"In 2008, many animals died there. Moreover, 26 more have  died since February 2010, " he said.

Under a new management involving the Surabaya Flora and Fauna Park Association (PTFSS), 26 animals had died in the Surabaya Zoo.

The dead animals included 21 birds, 2 reptiles, one cheetah, a tiger and a lion.

Under the old management, a total of 689 animals had died, consisting of 153 mammals, 193 birds, 113 reptiles, and 230 fishes.

Meanwhile,   Surabaya Zoo (KBS) visitors have been asked not to feed the animals for the sake of the wildlife's wellbeing.

Due to reckless feeding by zoo visitors, eight of the zoo's animals had become seriously ill and were now still being treated by  veterinarians, KBS spokesman Agus Supangkat said in Surabaya Thursday (Aug 15).

The eight animals under medical treatment at KBS are a bison, a camel, a lion, a white tiger, a black bear, two Komodo dragons, and a Sumatran tiger.

"A giraffe is now also sick because it has been without a mating partner for four years," Agus said.


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